Do you know the feeling of a lovely, scented herb garden?

Guy Giraud has incorporated this feeling into the natural herbal soaps.

6 different herbal soaps with each their specific effect.

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  • Soap Kliskruid - 100g
    Soap Kliskruid - 100g

    Known for its purifying effect - antibiotics and anti-séborré
    Recommended for oily skin.

  • Soap Chamomile - 100g
    Soap Chamomile - 100g

    Known for its soothing, soothing, protective and skin cleansing effect.
    Recommended for delicate skin with a tendency to turn red.

  • Soap Marigold - 100 g
    Soap Marigold - 100 g

    Known for its anti-inflammatory effect (skin irritation), strengthening and calming effect.

    Recommended for dry, delicate to chapped skin.

  • Soap Sage - 100 g
    Soap Sage - 100 g

    Known for its perspiration and skin care.

    Recommended for youthful problem skin (acne-boils)

  • Soap nettle - 100 g
    Soap nettle - 100 g

    Known for its astringent effect, regulates fat secretion and blood flow.

    Recommended for skin complaints (inflammation and flakes)

  • Soap Tea Tree - 100 g
    Soap Tea Tree - 100 g

    Known for its anti-biotic effect (with acne - fungi)

    Stimulates skin healing.

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