Our care soaps each have their specific effect.

Annoying ailments are thus helped out of the world. Since natural soaps are included, they are suitable for every skin type. Why expensive drugs like some ailments can also be helped out with a soap.

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  • Soap Propolis - 100 g
    Soap Propolis - 100 g

    Traditionally known as purifying and anti-biotic

    Recommended for impure and irritated skin.

  • Soap sulfur - 100 g
    Soap sulfur - 100 g

    Cleans the pores in depth. Treats black dots and impurities. Suitable for oily skin. Regulates secretion of sebum.

  • Soap galamboter - 100 g
    Soap galamboter - 100 g

    Ideal for dry and peeling skin.

    Heals and fights wrinkles ..

  • Soap almond - 100 g
    Soap almond - 100 g

    Known for its skin-relaxing and moisturizing properties.

    Recommended for dry and delicate skin, such as in children and

    pregnant women. Almond is a very good backfat of the skin.

  • Soap avocado - 100 g
    Soap avocado - 100 g

    Known for its nourishing and protective properties.

    Contains vitamin and helps prevent skin aging.

  • Soap without soap - 100 g
    Soap without soap - 100 g

    Prepared with synthetic surfactants, with acidity

    adapted to the PH of the skin. Known for its good skin tolerance.

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